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Padesky Interview

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James Rye interviewed Christine Padesky for the Private Practice journal. Private Practice is a division of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) that supports members primarily in, or about to embark upon, counselling or psychotherapy in private practice. This article was first published in Private Practice, Spring 2015 issue, published by BACP ©.

“Christine Padesky aims to put herself out of business by teaching people skills they can use to help themselves.”

Here is a link to the full article in pdf format.

Bob’s Behavioral Experiment

PDF file

 Bob’s Behavioral Experiments

This document summarizes feedback Bob sent us about the process and outcome of his behavioral experiments. Data includes: experiments immediately after the session, one month follow-up, and 8 month follow-up. The session that led to “Bob’s Behavioral Experiments” can be viewed in its entirety on our CBT Training video in our Digital Padesky Store: “Constructing New Underlying Assumptions.” [sku: dVUAE] See our STORE for further details.

 Pooh’s Behavioral Experiment

PDF file

 Pooh’s Behavioral Experiments: Practicing Assertive Defense of the Self

Pooh had agreed to conduct a behavioral experiment in which she would practice “Assertive Defense of the Self.” The session that led to Pooh’s behavioral experiment can be viewed in its entirety on our CBT Training video in our Digital Padesky Store: “Social Anxiety” (sku: dVSA). See our online STORE for further details.

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