We are one of the international leaders providing high quality consultation and cutting edge training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). We develop, produce, and provide audio/visual materials for mental health professionals throughout the world.

The Padesky.com website is owned and published by Christine A. Padesky, PhD, (aka: the Center for Cognitive Therapy) in Huntington Beach, California.

The Center for Cognitive Therapy (since 1983)

OUR HISTORY – some milestones

1983 – founded

The Center for Cognitive Therapy was founded by Christine A. Padesky, PhD and Kathleen A. Mooney, PhD in 1983 after a request from Aaron T. Beck, MD (the founder of cognitive therapy) to open a therapy and training center in Southern California. The Center for Cognitive Therapy, which originally opened in Newport Beach in 1983, was relocated to Huntington Beach in November 2000.


We began producing  CBT workshops and brief seminars on audio cassette, later on CD, and in 2020 in MP3 format.


We began producing  CBT clinical demonstrations on VHS cassettes, later on DVD, and since 2020 in MP4 format.


On January 26, 1989, we launched our Center for Cognitive Therapy website for mental health professionals. The website is: www.padesky.com.


On September 29, 1999, we launched our website for the public MindOverMood.com. The Mind Over Mood website is specifically designed for the public and provides mental health resources which emphasize the established principles of Beck’s cognitive therapy.

Padesky.com is a website
designed exclusively for mental health professionals who are one of the following

  • psychologist
  • psychiatrist
  • social worker
  • psychiatric nurse
  • counselor
  • marriage and family therapist
  • psychiatric resident
  • advanced graduate student in a mental health field
  • physician specializing in psychotherapy
  • other mental health specialty areasA

Christine A. Padesky, PhD


photo of christine padesky

Kathleen A. Mooney, PhD



THERAPY (we no longer provide direct clinical services)
to provide cognitive therapy for a wide range of problems including: depression, social anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety, posttraumatic stress, hypochondriasis, relationship problems, eating disorders, psychophysiological problems (e.g. chronic pain, hypertension), stress reactions, family problems, crisis intervention, lesbian and gay issues, therapist issues. To offer individual, couple, family and group cognitive therapy for adults, adolescents and children.

to provide supervision, training workshops and conferences for mental health professionals regarding cognitive theory, conceptualization, and treatment (basic through advanced levels). Sponsor of the Aaron T. Beck Cognitive Therapy Innovator Series. Develop and produce audio and video training products on various cognitive therapy topics.

to provide consultation to researchers, clinicians, and mental health clinics regarding the application and evaluation of cognitive therapy in various treatment settings. Consultations with several psychiatric hospitals resulted in the formation of inpatient cognitive therapy units. Consultations to therapist in person, via telephone or by Audio CD and DVD.

to extend services to the general public through speeches and practical workshops covering issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, perfectionism, aging, coping with change, and communication skills. Teach “Mind Over Mood” emotional fitness classes (none currently active). Provide 24/7 information via our website for the public: www.MindOverMood.com

to offer information, resources and referrals to therapists, clients, organizations, the media, and the general public; to facilitate the exchange of information and promote collaboration among cognitive therapists around the world. In 1985, the Center founded and published the International Cognitive Therapy Newsletter (ICTN). From 1992 to 1999 ICTN was the official newsletter of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP). Center staff co-author articles and books on cognitive therapy.


Since 1989, the Center for Cognitive Therapy (www.padesky.com) has produced audio and video materials exclusively for mental health professionals and graduate students in a mental health field. Our products are available only through our online store: Digital Padesky Store

Occasionally we have some of our video products available during live workshops. Attendees are generally notified in advance if video DVDs or MP4 videos will be available for purchase during their workshop.

Our earlier selves ...

Christine A. Padesky, PhD


CBT consultation

Kathleen A. Mooney, PhD


photo of dr kathleen mooney


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