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New Book by Marsha Linehan

A biography worth reading. 

With characteristic honesty, Dr Linehan recounts her fall into suicidal darkness as a teenager and the steps she took to recover from it. In the process, she developed DBT which has provided life-saving skills and support for countless others.



UPCOMING EVENTS for Mental Health Professionals

Apr 23
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For Mental Health Professionals

  • Suicide: Assessment, Safety Planning, and Treatment with CBT
  • Action-Packed CBT: More Walk Less Talk
  • Enhancing Group Therapy with Mind Over Mood
  • Lights, Camera, Action: CBT for Anxiety
  • Pop Up CBT events


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Got Questions? Available in multiple modalities, individual and group. On-site or on-line. On-going, intermittent, or one time. Dr. Padesky provides CBT consultation to:

  • clinicians
  • researchers
  • program administrators
  • and others on a wide variety of issues.


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Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc™

Available only to Mental Health Professionals or graduate students in a mental health field.


We offer CBT training materials on Video DVD and Audio CD with over 25 programs for Mental Health Professionals and graduate students in a mental health field. We ship WorldWide and shopping is 24/7 at

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For personal use by supervisors, researchers, instructors, and therapists: The Collaborative Case Conceptualization Rating Scale (CCCRS), Coding Manual & Score Sheet. Operationalize the model of case conceptualization developed by Kuyken, Padesky and Dudley (2009).


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Padesky’s CBT Book Recommendations for THERAPISTS. We recommend some of our favorite Cognitive Behavior Therapy books in a variety of categories. Brene Brown recommendations as well as some fun casual reading and Tech recs.

Listings for THERAPISTS and links for the PUBLIC.


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Strengths-Based CBT: A four-step model to build resilience. 

Read how Padesky and Mooney’s model is designed to help clients build positive qualities and how it can be used to build and strengthen personal resilience. 

FREE from Wiley.


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We have provided cognitive behavior therapy training and workshops for CBT therapists worldwide since 1983 and have published since 1998.

Whether you enjoy reading free articles, reviewing our CBT workshop topics, learning about consultation opportunities or CBT conferences, we hope to provide you with useful, timely and relevant CBT learning materials. We continue to add to our Clinical Corner section with free reprints of many of our journal articles including Strengths-Based CBT.

Also, we are pleased to offer access to a reprint of one of the best CBT PTSD treatment articles:  Ehlers & Clark’s cognitive model of PTSD. Please check out our book recommendations, and lists of our favorite CBT associations, conferences, and journals.

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