CBT Journals for Mental Health Professionals and Students


photo of journal covercover of cognitive and behavioral practice journal cover of behavior therapy journal Cover of the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy

These International Journals offer some of the best CBT findings available including: empirical research, single-case designs, focus on application and implementation, experimental and clinical contributions, reviews of recently published literature, and reports on new treatments.

BEHAVIOR THERAPY: Application of behavioral and cognitive sciences to clinical problems cover of behavior therapy journal

  • International journal – published 6 times a year
  • Major emphasis placed on empirical research, methodological & theoretical papers
  • Evaluative reviews of the literature
  • Controlled single-case designs
  • Clinical replication series welcome
  • Editor: Michelle Newman, PhD, Dept. of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
COGNITIVE & BEHAVIORAL PRACICE: Primary mission is clinical dissemination

  • cover of cognitive and behavioral practice journalQuarterly international journal
  • Bridge gap between published clinical research and actual clinical practice of CBT
  • Primary focus is application and implementation of procedures
  • Articles contain clinical interventions, client-therapist dialogue
  • Special series, clinical commentaries, book reviews
  • Editor: Steven Safren PhD, Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Psychiatry
photo of journal coverBEHAVIOURAL & COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: Aimed primarily at members of the helping and teaching professions

  • International multidisciplinary journal – 5 issues per year
  • Features original research
  • Experimental and clinical contributions to theory, practice and evolution of CBT
  • Includes review of recently published literature in the CBT field
  • Being a BABCP member entitles you to access the journals online at the Cambridge University Press (CUP) website
  • Editor: Paul M Salkovskis, University of Bath, UK

photo of journal cover

  • The Official Journal of the International Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP)
  • Journal is included for FREE with a membership in IACP
  • 4 issues per year
  • View article abstracts
  • Online access free with all print subscriptions
  • To read representative articles, CLICK HERE
  • Members of the Academy of Cognitive Psychotherapy (ACT) receive a 30% subscription savings
  • Editor: John Riskin, PhD, George Mason University

From the publisher Guilford Press, “This state-of-the-science journal addresses all scientific and clinical aspects of cognitive therapy. Features Include:

  • Empirical research studies
  • Cutting-edge theoretical articles
  • Clinical case studies
  • Reports on new treatments
  • Literature reviews and meta-analyses
  • Special focus issues
  • Reviews of new books and other clinical resources