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Christine Padesky teaches a variety of workshops – available worldwide

  • Our workshops are designed exclusively for mental health professionals and students in a mental health field who wish to learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • They include theory and practical application
  • Aattendees can expect to learn real world skills that can immediately be applied to their clinical practice
  • All of our workshops include live demonstrations of methods

Padesky’s Faculty Introduction for the 2017 Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference

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[su_box title=”THANK YOU SAN ANGELO, TEXAS” box_color=”#d0741f”]

photo of workshop in San Angelo TexasCBT Boot Camp 2.0: Using Mind Over Mood 2 to Build Core Therapist and Client Skills (January 25-26, 2017)

[su_box title=”THANK YOU VALPARAISO, INDIANA” box_color=”#11a525″] invitation to keynote breakfast for the public

2017 May 25 Valparaiso, Indiana A KEYNOTE FOR THE PUBLIC

[su_box title=”Thank You Evolution of Psychotherapy” box_color=”#cc0000″]

December 13 – 17, 2017 in Anaheim, California

photo of padesky at the evolution of psychotherapy december 2017I had a great time conducting my clinical demonstration, great debate with Jack Kornfield, topical panels, invited address, and 2 workshops. Also enjoyed an author’s reception signing Mind Over Mood for people from around the world. What an amazing event. Fabulous attendees. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Padesky was at ABCT, San Diego November 17-18″ box_color=”#000000″]

Thank you for all who attended our 90 minute mini workshop on Integrating Mind Over Mood with Evidence-Based Practice and the 2 hour master clinician seminar on Assertive Defense of the Self (CBT Social Anxiety) .

logo for 2017 ABCT conference[/su_box]
[su_box title=”FOR THERAPISTS: ALL NEW SHOW ME WORKSHOP” box_color=”#01019D”]

logo for action packed cbt workshopThank You CANADA

We had a wonderful time this October & November teaching our new Action-Packed CBT: More Walk Less Talk Workshop. We hope you enjoy putting into action what you learned.

[su_box title=”BOOT CAMP 2.0 WORKSHOPS” box_color=”#11a525″]Padesky Boot Camp 2.0MOM2 links with evidence-based practice[/su_box]
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