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Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training Demonstrations

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  • The following 8 filmed CBT clinical demonstrations are now in MP4 video format.
  • Featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD.
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On MP4 video
Testing Automatic Thoughts
With Thought Records
(SKU: dVATR) Run time: 69 min

“Sharon” – Demonstration of completing the 7 column thought record


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On MP4 video
Constructing New Core Beliefs
(SKU: dVBEL) Run time: 60 min

 Recurrent depression and low self-esteem. Demonstrates use of a continuum and core belief log.

Case Conceptualization

screenshot from video titled case conceptualization

On MP4 video
Collaborative Case Conceptualization
(SKU: dVCON) Run time: 60 min

“Sarah” – Demonstration of dealing with being overbooked, overworked

Panic Disorder

screen shot from video titled panic disorder

On MP4 video
Cognitive Therapy for Panic Disorder
(SKU: dVPAN) Run time: 50 min

“Mary” – Demonstration of  
Panic Induction

Strengths-Based CBT

screenshot from video titled resilience, strengths-based cbt

On MP4 video
Building Resilience
with Strengths-Based CBT
(SKU: dVRES) Run time: 63 min

4-step model to build resilience.
“Suki” – Demonstration of
Strengths-Based CBT (SB-CBT)


screenshot from video titled cbt for social anxiety

On MP4 video
CBT for Social Anxiety.
(SKU: dVSA) Run time: 54 min

“Pooh” – Demonstration of
Assertive Defense of the Self

Padesky emphasizes coping with criticism rather than testing out the belief that people are critical. Successful CBT protocols help people directly face their fears. 

Socratic Dialogue

On MP4 video
Guided Discovery Using Socratic Dialogue
(SKU: dVSOQ) Run time: 44 min

3 separate interviews of angry (“Carl”), anxious (“Jean”), and depressed (“Sharon”) demonstrating use of socratic dialogue with each. Therapists are role-playing the “clients.”

New Underlying Assumptions & Behavioral Experiments

padesky and client Bob smiling at written notes on table

On MP4 video
Constructing NEW Underlying Assumptions & Behavioral Experiments
(SKU: dVUAE) Run time: 55 min

“BOB” – Demonstration of dealing with procrastination in one session

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