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padesky showing client a thought record

On Video DVD
Testing Automatic Thoughts With Thought Records
(SKU: vATR) Run time: 69 min

“Sharon” – 7 column thought record


padesky sitting shoulder to shoulder with client

On Video DVD
Constructing New Core Beliefs
(SKU: vBEL) Run time: 60 min

 Recurrent depression and low self-esteem. Demonstrates use of a continuum and core belief log.

Case Conceptualization

sitting in chairs padesky talking with client

On Video DVD
Collaborative Case Conceptualization
(SKU: vCON) Run time: 60 min

“Sarah” – overbooked, overworked

Panic Disorder

padesky and client sitting at table

On Video DVD
Cognitive Therapy for Panic Disorder
(SKU: vPAN) Run time: 50 min

“Mary” – panic induction demonstration


Strengths-Based CBT

padesky smiling and listening to client

On Video DVD
Building Resilience with Strengths-Based CBT
(SKU: vRES) Run time: 63 min

4-step model to build resilience; demonstration of Strengths-Based CBT (SB-CBT)


padesky and client discussing assertive defense of the self

On Video DVD
CBT for Social Anxiety. 
(SKU: vSA) Run time: 54 min

“Pooh” – Assertive Defense of the Self

Socratic Dialogue

On Video DVD
Guided Discovery Using Socratic Dialogue
(SKU: vSOQ) Run time: 44 min


3 separate interviews of angry, anxious, and depressed “clients”


New Underlying Assumptions & Behavioral Experiments

padesky and client Bob smiling at written notes on table

On Video DVD
Constructing NEW Underlying Assumptions & Behavioral Experiments
(SKU: vUAE) Run time: 55 min

“BOB” – procrastination

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training
on Disc

copyrighted 5 part model logo showing mind mood body behavior and environment

8 clinical demonstrations
Currently only available from our online store and only on Video DVD 

Featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD