Padesky as a Backdrop in Tasmania

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By Christine A. Padesky, PhD / January 24, 2020

It is always a surprise and delight to hear about people’s responses to our work. We received this lovely email along with permission to print the information as well as the photo. So, you can imagine my surprise to see myself as a backdrop in Tasmania!

Christine Handley, a Senior Lecturer, ADON and Family Therapist in Tasmania writes:

I am a Senior Lecturer with the University of Tasmania and also a clinician (Assistant Director or Nursing) with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Every second year I facilitate a 1 week introductory course on CBT and I utilise many of Christine Padesky’s outstanding resources. My students just love her and last group in awe I would have to say!! At the last workshop we took a group photo and we froze Dr. Padesky on screen behind. So she became the backdrop. One of the students suggested I send it to her.

Please find attached the photo referred to in my message to you. (Students are postgraduate nursing students completing the Graduate Diploma of Nursing/Specialist Mental Health Stream). I am the one with blue lanyard.


university of tasmania's senior lecturer christine handley with her postgraduate nursing students and a large photo of christine padesky as the backdrop
Postgraduate nursing students completing the Graduate Diploma of Nursing/Specialist Mental Health Stream.
Senior Lecturer Christine Handley in center with blue lanyard.

I will pass on your warm regards to the students and I hope that one day you get back to our beautiful Australian Island State of Tasmania.

I recently attended the 8th World CBT Congress in Melbourne and it was so exciting to meet Judith Beck and to see her interviewing her amazing father A.T.Beck who of course was celebrating his 95th birthday. Amazingly still leading research teams.

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